I love them. Kind people. Warm people. I love people who pursue things they're attracted to and want to live earnestly.


If you become perplexed or make errors, in the end have the kind of life that you can have pride in living. The kind where you can say, "I persevered". Repeating delightful things and sad things. And in that way keep getting older. I persevered.


All human beings are blind in a way. We cannot see that which we do not know. By the time we understand, it's too late. Our hearts ache with regret. But that is how we grow. You cannot see the world when you can only see yourself. And in that blind spot, things are lost. But if you keep your ears open, and allow your mind to percieve what your hands feel, in times of pain and sandness, perhaps less will be lost. - Is that what they mean by "a new way of seeing the world"?

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Stories are the beginning, stories occur again and again, stories are the world, stories are freedom, stories are lies, stories are yearned for, stories are the past, stories are illusions. And stories are the end.


So many things I want to do, to try. Things I want to try making are scattered all around me, everywhere. Every time I open a new box, a whole new bunch of questions jump out. I catch each one and wrestle with it, then see what it tastes like, and swallow it. Then I name it and put it away where it belongs. Then I open another box. It takes some time. I need so much time. I want to open all these boxes. But there are too many of them to be opened in a single lifetime. I wish people lived to be 400 years old, that way I could do everything I want to do. There's a limit to how many boxes can be opened in one person's lifetime.


The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today.

Жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы тратить её на то, что тебе не очень нравится, и тратить время на тех, кто тебе не очень подходит.

Don’t let yourself be blinded by fear or anger. Everything is only as it is.